Learn How to Choose a College You Will Love

When it comes to selecting a college, things can get quite complicated. There are so many options available. Each college has its strengths and weaknesses. Some, of course, are better than others. And some have draconic admission procedures. So, how to choose a college? It will be a lot easier for you to make up … Continue reading "Learn How to Choose a College You Will Love"

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Analyzing the Impact of Technology on Education: the Positive and the Negative


Nowadays, technology is everywhere, even in our schools. This is why dozens of studies have been conducted to assess the impact of technology on education. There is a very hot debate going on and people don’t seem to agree whether technology is good or bad. Do we really need it? Is it harmful to students? … Continue reading "Analyzing the Impact of Technology on Education: the Positive and the Negative"

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Being a Freshman in College: Advice, Warning and Tips


Being a freshman in college can be a very interesting experience. In fact, most students are absolutely terrified at the idea of being a freshman. However, why are you so afraid of? You have worked hard and submitted dozens of school admissions. You got in because of your awesome college application. Even though you are … Continue reading "Being a Freshman in College: Advice, Warning and Tips"

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Accommodation in College – How to Know Your Roommate


Accommodation in college entails living with a stranger. This style of accommodating students is common in most universities and colleges across the globe. It is universally accepted and practiced. Even if you are able to rent a full room for yourself, there will be other students in your hostel. So it is prudent to go … Continue reading "Accommodation in College – How to Know Your Roommate"

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Four Steps To Choosing The Right Major

Four steps to choosing the right major

College is a huge investment in your future, and you don’t want to spend a ton of money without the guarantee of a well-paid job after spending four years (and thousands of dollars) on your degree. However, chances are you won’t land a successful or satisfying career if you don’t pursue something you’re passionate about. … Continue reading "Four Steps To Choosing The Right Major"

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Fool-Proof Ways To Juggle Homework Assignments

Fool-proof ways to juggle homework assignments

Between attending classes, studying for exams, and keeping up with your extracurricular commitments, college can sometimes make you feel like you’ve got no free time at all – and that’s not even including the multiple homework assignments you’re expected to complete in a timely manner. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless stream of … Continue reading "Fool-Proof Ways To Juggle Homework Assignments"

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