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Abnormal Psychology Assignment Help

Instructors use the discipline of abnormal psychology to broaden the knowledge of normal behavior of people while comparing them to the entire society. Some of the abnormal behaviors that you can notice among individuals include fluctuation in mood, anxiety, depression and obsession.

Abnormal Behavior Assignment: FAQ

It is very hard to provide an exact definition to abnormality in psychology. There are different ways of explaining this discipline. Feel free to use this information, when you feel you need homework help.

The Statistical Perspective: Any behavior that is at the lowest or extreme points can be referred to as abnormal. You will get the shape of a bell if you choose to draw a graph that reflects the behavior of human beings. When you put the gathering of human beings into consideration, you will discover that most of them are around the highest point on the curve that is bell shaped and this is the normal behavior. However, if you wish to locate some people away from the cluster point at any of the two ends of the curve, it is referred to as abnormal behavior. You will also find very few individuals who are highly intelligent at the highest peak. One can use this statistical representation to differentiate between abnormal and normal human behavior. The main undoing of this approach is that it does not draw a clear distinction between undesirable and desirable human behavior.

Social norms Desecration: This theory defines any individual who violates the societal rules by exhibiting actions that are unacceptable and those that make other people to be uncomfortable as being abnormal. In this case, you must properly inspect the degree of violation and the importance of custom. However, this theory has some limitations. Social norms differ from one place to another and may depend on the prevailing circumstances. Therefore, some actions may go against the customs of one society but be acceptable by another one.

Inability to Function Well: This point categorizes any person who is not in a position to perform his or her day to day tasks properly as being abnormal. This point also has a limitation and abnormal behavior may be productive by keeping the individual happy and satisfied.

Diverting from the Required Health: In this methodology, psychological conditions are seen as the actions that deviate from the ideal mental health. The main drawback to this argument is that that is no person who is perfectly normal. Individuals can deviate from ideal mental health condition depending on their condition.

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Different Methods for Abnormal Psychology

There are several methods that have been published on the subject of abnormal psychology. Below is a brief description of some of them:

  • Psychoanalytic Approach: The method takes into account the clashes that have not been resolves, unconscious desires and thoughts as the main reason behind abnormal behavior. Some psychologists who analyze the unconscious thoughts, actions and memories argue that unconscious behavior such as anxiety, distress, and depression can be disclosed and thus given the same treatment.
  • Medical Approach: This method examines genetic inheritance or genetic abnormality, chemical imbalances, infections, and diseases that can assist in treating an individual’s abnormal behavior. The medical approach focuses on genetic or physical reasons that are behind abnormal behavior.
  • Cognitive approach: The approach argues that the way information is processed in the human brain or how a person thinks has an influence on his behavior. Any thought behavior that takes a negative action or information that is not processed properly can lead into abnormal behavior. Therefore, you can treat abnormal behavior by changing the way an individual reacts and thinks.
  • Behavioral Approach: This approach determines the action of an individual from the experiences that he undergoes in his or her life. The primary objective of this evaluation is to determine the root of unusual behavior. Therefore, scrapping harmful or unnecessary behavior and helping the person to adapt to new behavior can assist in treating this problem.

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