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Mass Communication Assignment Help

Mass communication is one of the social science branches that describe the communication process that human beings adapt while interacting with large groups of individuals. There is a high number of students who are pursuing this area of study in the modern day at leading colleges all over the world.

You require a good medium to be able to deliver information to a crowd and the best intermediaries in the current world include the radio, magazine, internet, newspaper and television. Therefore, the mass communication subject covers the knowledge of journalism, public relation, broadcasting, and advertisement. In addition, mass communication primarily deals with the delivery of content to a large group of people (mass) to check their behavioral and emotional responses. There is also an equal priority that is given to the advice, suggestions, and opinions that come from the individuals who receive the information.

Even though the ancient times of mass communication were only restricted to the radio and newspaper, the broadening of the communication network has seen the mass communication industry benefit from several mediums which are easily available and more rapid. Like any normal process of communication, mass communication also entails the recipient on one end and the sender on the other end. However, there are several differences between the two. The sender in the case of mass communication could be an organization, a whole group or a single individual. The receivers are usually people who are not related and have varying opinions and views for the information they receive. In the broad sense, the people who receive this news can have varied belief, culture and cast. 

Mass Communication Assignments Include:

  1. Broadcasting: This technique entails delivering visual and audio content or information by means of a movie, radio, or television. You can set this information live where the receiver is able to watch all the current actions from the other end. This can be compared to TV news where there is publication of a rainfall or direct broadcast. On the other side, there can also be a pre-recording of the broadcast and shown to the viewers after some time.
  2. Advertising: This is the process of marketing products with the primary intention of convincing the audience to purchase the products. An excellent marketing strategy relies on several forms of media such as the internet, radio, television and newspaper and this is why it is categorized under mass communication in the field of social science. The sender needs to use these communication media to pass across their information in an attempt to persuade the audience to buy their goods and services.
  3. Journalism: This is also a very important branch of mass communication. The steps that are part of mass communication moves all the way from obtaining the required information and doing the publication of the same. The work of a journalist is to acquire, edit, filter, write, and publish information. The way the journalist frames and executes the information has effects on the receiver.
  4. Public Relation: This is another type of media communication whose aim is to maintain an excellent relationship with the public at large. This concept may closely resemble advertising even though there are some basic differences between the two concepts. Maintaining an excellent public relation entails maintaining an excellent reputation of the company or firm in the public eyes. Execution of this idea does not necessarily require a huge amount of financial investment. Instead, you can establish some public friendly activities that can develop an excellent position in the market such as organizing sports, doing charitable work, and organizing various events.

The field of mass communication has a lot to do with hard work, effort and creativity from the side of the student. The social science field has a lot of benefits to the learners as it equips them with the knowledge that can bring changes to the society and the country at large. The communication network is growing widely and has brought forth a strong competition in this academic field.

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