How to Write a Social Media Essay? Here’s Our Guide!

social media essay

Social media has spun the world into an era of revolution. Social media is an efficient tool that leaves the vast universe just a click of a connection away. However, with all its merits the downfalls are also closely connected. This is why a ‘social media essay’ assignment is often a must for awareness to … Continue reading "How to Write a Social Media Essay? Here’s Our Guide!"

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MLA vs. APA: Academic Formatting Rules


When students are asked to write academic papers, the vast majority of them are torn between MLA vs. APA citation styles. These are the most common formatting styles that are used in academic texts. MLA stands for Modern Language Association while APA stands for American Psychological Association. But, what is the difference between APA and … Continue reading "MLA vs. APA: Academic Formatting Rules"

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Everything You Need to Know About Writing Book Reviews

How to Write a Book Review

What is a Book Review? A book review is a critical analysis or evaluation of a written work. They can apply to both fiction or nonfiction works and printed in several places. The main elements of a book review include a summary review that is based on content, style, quality, and value. The length of … Continue reading "Everything You Need to Know About Writing Book Reviews"

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100 Best Marketing Research Topics


As one of the most popular and important subjects in today’s world, marketing research is at an all-time high. Marketing spans across the world and touches all levels of business, events, and more. We see marketing every day and are witnesses to the ever-changing landscape changing day-to-day. Because there are so many things to discuss … Continue reading "100 Best Marketing Research Topics"

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Frankenstein Characters, Themes And Brief Summary


In 1818 the original context for the Mary Shelley masterpiece Frankenstein was developed. In the scoop of years, this work has received loads of appraisal and constructive reviews. It has helped in framing the quality of this great work and called the spotlight on characters in Frankenstein, which contributed largely to the lesson and value … Continue reading "Frankenstein Characters, Themes And Brief Summary"

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