Homework Causing Stress? How To Deal With It?


The debate about homework causing stress among pupils and students has been going on for years. It’s no secret that homework impacts the daily lives of students in many ways. The main purpose of homework is to ensure that students review and recall what they are taught in class. Educators use it to help learners improve their general performance. It’s also used to enhance traits like independent problem-solving and self-discipline.

Homework can improve the organization and time-management skills of students while enabling them to think beyond what they learn in class. But, can homework cause stress and anxiety? Well, this may not be good news for educators. However, homework causes stress too despite having many educational benefits. Essentially, the benefits of homework occur only when students are ready to learn and get engaged. If a teacher assigns learners too much work to do after school, they end up with homework stress.

Homework Causing Stress among Students in All Study Levels

Studies have shown that if students are inundated with excess homework, they are likely to be stressed and score lower grades. And, homework stress statistics show that the rates at which this problem is affecting learners are increasing. Even learners in kindergarten are suffering from homework-related stress. This makes many people wonder, how does homework cause stress for five-year-old children?

  • Some experts have tried to explain how homework causes stress. A commonly speculated reason is the complexity of the things that students and pupils are expected to learn. At the same time, learners are having reduced breaks during which they can engage in workouts.
  • Essentially, learners at different levels are getting more homework than what education leaders recommend. Some are even being assigned almost three times the recommended amount of homework. And, too much homework causes stress among students at all study levels.
  • What’s more, teachers assign learners time-consuming homework that keeps students busy and unproductive. For instance, a teacher can assign remedial work like copying notes from a textbook word-for-word. Such homework does nothing that can enhance their grades or boost their progress. Instead, this remedial work ends up causing more stress from homework.

Effects of Homework and Stress

Homework stress facts reveal that learners are suffering in many ways. In most cases, students and parents are stressed out when a new academic year starts because of the impending arrival or un-ending academic tasks. Many night battles center on completing assignments. This has become a routine in many households that have learners.

Consequently, stress and homework affect the lives of children both in and out of school. They no longer have a balance between learning time and playtime. As such, many learners end up suffering sleep deprivation as they try to complete homework, headaches, and ulcers in some cases.

The fear of the repercussions of failure to complete academic tasks can also cause a homework anxiety disorder. In most cases, students are penalized when they fail to complete homework. And, fearing the consequences of failing to do or complete the assigned task can lead to homework procrastination.

And, stress, homework and anxiety do not affect grade school learners only. Even college students are affected by homework anxiety and stress. This is reflected by the declining performance of college students that are bombarded with homework.

How Does Homework Cause Stress?

Experts have answered the question, is homework causing stress? But, some people still have questions relating to this topic that need answers. For instance, how much stress does homework cause?

  • Research has shown that pushing students to handle workloads that are beyond their development level can cause significant stress. And, this stress affects both children and parents. Consequently, high school homework stress can translate to family stress. When this happens, the home environment is no longer conducive for the proper development of children.
  • Perhaps, you’re still wondering, how does homework cause stress and why should this be an issue for concern? Well, the effects of the stress homework causes are reflected in more than their academic performance.
  • For instance, when children are stressed by homework, their attitude about learning institutions or school and grades suffer. Their social skills, self-confidence, and life quality are also affected negatively. Family fights can also arise, especially when parents lack college degrees.

Searching for the question ‘does homework cause stress?’ online reveals many answers and studies that confirm this. This, it’s no longer a question of whether homework is a source of stress but how much it causes and how to deal with it.

How to Deal with Homework Stress

Having answered the question, ‘does homework cause anxiety and stress?’ it’s also important to share tips for solving the problem. Homework is a major part of the education of children. And, it doesn’t seem like it will go away any time soon.

When students procrastinate homework completion, they are likely to suffer the anxiety and stress it can cause. As such, the best approach is to ensure that students complete their homework quickly. But, some students are frustrated and overwhelmed by homework. This affects their ability to retain information and focus negatively. Consequently, completing homework on time becomes a challenge.

Nevertheless, students can still learn how to not procrastinate homework completion. This can be achieved by mastering tips for completing assignments faster and effectively. They include the following:

  1. Creating and sticking to a schedule
  2. Practicing good time management
  3. Starting to work on homework early
  4. Reviewing academic agenda regularly
  5. Staying organized
  6. Asking questions in class to enhance understanding
  7. Creating time to relax
  8. Getting adequate rest at night
  9. Joining a homework group
  10. Seeking homework help if overwhelmed

It’s no secret that homework is causing stress and anxiety among learners at different academic levels. Essentially, educators are assigning academic tasks that are beyond the capabilities of students. Others are bombarding students with academic tasks to complete within limited time frames. Nevertheless, students can deal with this stress by avoiding procrastination when doing homework.

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