70 Best Presentation Topics To Use Right Away

presentation topics

Most students imagine that finding a good topic for presentation is a walk in the park. No sooner do they start the walk than they realize the thorns and other underlying obstacles. However, this post seeks to broaden students’ minds by highlighting 60+ writing ideas for presentation.

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What is a Presentation Topic?

Now, a presentation refers to the act of communicating a particular topic before an audience. It can take many forms, such as an introduction, a demonstration, speech, lecture, or talk. The chief purpose of this is to persuade, inform, motivate, inspire, or create goodwill between the presenter and the audience.

Coming up with an interesting topic for presentation can be a daunting task. That is why the next few lines are a must-read for every student.

How to Choose Presentation topics

Your presentation topic will determine whether your audience stays bored stiff, or alert. Look at the following factors to consider when choosing a topic that will be interesting and one that avoids audience apathy.

Consider the purpose of the occasion.

It should have a goal and purpose that you intend to achieve. It can be in terms of persuasion, information, entertainment, or celebration.

  • According to the occasion

Plan your presentation topic in light of the occasion. For instance, it can be celebratory, professional, or celebrity set.

  • Consider your audience

Look at the knowledge base of your audience on the topic of presentation. The education level and needs of your audience are also crucial.

  • The length of the presentation

A long presentation will require a broad topic vis-à-vis a short presentation. Therefore, choose your case in light of the time allocated to you.

Are you ready for some good presentation topics? Scroll down:

5 Minute Presentation Topics

  1. Why it is essential for you to brush your teeth every day
  2. The role of the sun is enhancing one’s immunity
  3. How many times should one take a shower in a day?
  4. The effects of feeding your dog on expired food
  5. Why you should switch off all electrical appliances when not in use
  6. How to propose to your girlfriend on your first date
  7. Ways of maintaining hygiene in a public transport system

Oral Presentation Topics

  1. How to deal with cyberbullying in the social media space
  2. Effective ways of living a stress-free life in college
  3. The importance of music therapy in relieving psychological disorders
  4. Should students carry mobile phones and laptops to school?
  5. What should we do to eliminate bullying in schools?
  6. How is Brexit going to hurt the economy of developing nations?
  7. Why you should tip that restaurant waiter

Easy Presentations Topics

  1. Practical ways of keeping yourself safe while alone at home
  2. Why children should not access the internet at all costs
  3. The impact of social media on teen depression
  4. Why the friends you have shaped your life decisions
  5. Should countries conduct elections during the coronavirus pandemic?
  6. Is it practical to have kindergarten students wearing masks at all times?
  7. Why the sky at night is the best therapy for letting it all out

Topics For Presentation in College

  1. Which is the best form of voting for college elections?
  2. Are college students able to fend for themselves without parental support?
  3. The impact of part-time jobs on the academic performance of college students
  4. Who is to blame for gangs and criminal groups in colleges?
  5. Is it necessary to monitor internet usage by students in college?
  6. How to teach a research attitude among college students
  7. Our online writing sites making college students lazy?

PowerPoint Presentation Topics For College Students

  1. Are college students allowed to purchase birth control pills on their own?
  2. What is the effect of free condoms available on campus premises?
  3. How to reduce suicidal cases among college students
  4. The role of athletics in nurturing the talents of college students
  5. How frequently should drug tests be done in colleges?
  6. The impact of boxing as a sport among college students
  7. Are online libraries replacing printed books in physical libraries?

Unique Topics For Presentation

  1. The role of robots in making work more effective and productive
  2. Is it safe to have self-driving cars on busy highways?
  3. The impact of violent video games and movies on children behavior
  4. How to come up with energy-efficient building designs
  5. Why it is essential to check your email every morning
  6. Why is NASA every MIT student’s dream place?
  7. The role of technology in enhancing space exploration

Business Presentation Topics

  1. Why it is essential to start small
  2. The impact of taxes and levies on start-up business enterprises
  3. How digital marketing is making loyal customers
  4. Effects of coronavirus on the office workspace
  5. The growth of the recycling companies
  6. How to deal with losses and financial crises
  7. Why it is essential to have a business degree before running one

Outstanding topics To Talk About in a Presentation

  1. Why virtual court proceedings have denied much justice
  2. Is there space for monarchs in the 21st century?
  3. Pick up lines that will fail you on the first date
  4. Impact of online friends
  5. Importance of censoring media content
  6. The role of sex education
  7. How to surprise your mum

Presentation Ideas For School

  1. Why university should be free
  2. How to combat racism in schools
  3. Should bullying students be taken to juvenile courts?
  4. The role of canning in schools’
  5. How to build a stronger student-teacher relationship
  6. Bettering your grades
  7. Maximizing your talents

Topics For Group Presentations

  1. The relevance of Sharia laws
  2. Discuss #MeToo campaign
  3. The problem of guns
  4. Is the use of Marijuana legal?
  5. How to treat a wound
  6. How infectious diseases spread
  7. When you should call 911
  8. The effect of celebrating Independence Day

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