100 Top Psychology Topics For All Levels


Psychology is such a massive field of research that students will often struggle to find psychology project topics that fulfill their pursuits and interests. We understand this struggle and have gathered a plethora of psychology topics that fit assignments for every level. Let us know what you think of our list.

Top Psychology Research Paper Topics

Five psychology research proposal topics for a college or graduate-level course presented by our seasoned assignment helpers:

  1. Describe the psychology difficulties of discrimination and prejudice in sexism.
  2. Racism and its effects on minority groups in small businesses.
  3. How have social issues affected the way we view gender roles in the workplace?
  4. How do violent cartoons impact children’s psychological development?
  5. Explain how divorce can affect the development of a child’s emotions.

Health Psychology Topics

Psychology paper topics dealing with current health issues:

  1. How does cancer affect the way patients view their health?
  2. Explain the various degrees of depression for patients that have terminal diseases.
  3. Explain the negative effects of chronic fatigue syndrome in adults.
  4. How does chronic illness affect the mental state of adults?
  5. How do higher cancer risks impact the way patients deal with anxiety?

Psychology Topics to Write About

To answer “what are some social psychology topics” we’ve put together this list covering a wide range of subjects:

  1. Should psychologists be obliged to respond to clients’ calls immediately?
  2. Explain how the DSM IV is no longer a reliable document for diagnosis.
  3. What are the major effects of adult autism?
  4. How ethical is it to treat a married couple as individual patients?
  5. Should psychologists interact with patients outside of treatment?

Topics in Developmental Psychology

Here are some more original ideas for a great research project:

  1. Explain sociological situations that may lead to sociopathic behavior.
  2. Should psychologists be allowed to charge clients who make money illegally?
  3. Describe how women can be perpetrators of domestic violence.
  4. Are bad marriages always the root cause of affairs?
  5. Describe the physical symptoms of sociopathic behaviors.

Health Psychology Research Topics

This is another set of topics for health-related topics in the field of psychology:

  1. Explain techniques for the treatment of veterans with PTSD.
  2. How can patients suffer from chronic pain benefit from meditation?
  3. How effective are different techniques for smoking cessation?
  4. Describe how you can live a better life with health psychology.
  5. Explain the best method for writing a health psychology paper.

Research Topics in Social Psychology

Here are some great social psychology topics you can use for any college course:

  1. What do violence and other aggressive acts play in social psychology?
  2. What influence does social cognition have on a person’s depression?
  3. Can society adjust to people with physical disabilities?
  4. How are children being affected by social behaviors?
  5. Describe how families are affected by social cognition.

Cognitive Psychology Topics

Excellent psychology topics dealing with cognitive issues:

  1. Is a child’s development affected by ADHD?
  2. Describe the impact that Autism has on society.
  3. Explain how people experience/encounter memories.
  4. How do children develop problem-solving skills?
  5. Explain how cognitive development is affected by speech impediments.

Sports Psychology Topics

When it is time to lock on a great sports topic, look at this list:

  1. What are the negative effects of steroids in sports?
  2. How do supplemental placebos affect athletic performance?
  3. Explain how child-rearing is affected by professional sports families.
  4. What role does aggression in sports affect child development?
  5. How are female athletes affected by male sports fame?

Child Psychology Topics for College-Level Coursework

Great topics related to the area of child psychology for college students:

  1. Explain the rise in cases of depression in children.
  2. How does adoption affect a child’s development under the age of 12?
  3. Explain how introverts make for better entrepreneurs.
  4. Can PTSD impact a child’s development in minority communities?
  5. Explain why anxiety in children is on a rise in the last decade.

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

This is another set of topics related to developmental psychology:

  1. Does happiness affect the way children can perform tasks?
  2. How do video games that incorporate violence affect children’s development?
  3. How do parenting styles affect young adults’ behavior?
  4. Explain how anti-social behavior in children affects development.
  5. Explain how some children are more prone to bully others.

Controversial Topics in Psychology

Controversial topics are a great way of getting people’s attention. This list of psychology topics should accomplish this:

  1. Can insurance companies waive co-pays for certain cases?
  2. Should psychologists have the right to cancel treatment when a client can’t pay?
  3. Should psychologists be allowed to perform virtual health services?
  4. Explain how therapists are at a higher-risk for negligence.
  5. Should psychologists be obliged to offer referrals when their clients quit treatment?

Forensic Psychology Topics

Here is a list of psychology research paper topics dealing with forensic sciences:

  1. Evaluating mitigating and aggravating situations in federal cases.
  2. Explain the use of psychological profiling in violent youth crimes.
  3. Should young adults showing psychological disorders face capital sentencing?
  4. How have psychological disorders impacted criminal sentencing?
  5. Explain psychic disorders in repeat violent offenders.

Educational Psychology Topics

This list of psychology dissertation topics all deal with education-related issues:

  1. Describe how students could be measured through basic skill assessment.
  2. How can personal learning goals be established by marital relationships?
  3. Explain the importance of conation in the brain with a psychological context.
  4. Describe how a religious upbringing is important in psychology and development.
  5. What can be gleaned from social-emotional learning in children?

Psychology Topics for Presentation

Here are topics on social psychology that would be perfect for oral presentations:

  1. Do certain food colors influence the way people perceive meals?
  2. Explain the ways people’s moods can be affected by sleep.
  3. What is the relationship between cataplexy and sleep paralysis?
  4. What are the different ways children imitate their parents?
  5. How is child abuse a factor in adult psychological affliction?

Developmental Psychology Topics

Excellent psychology topics dealing with developmental issues:

  1. Explain the differences between the left brain and the right brain.
  2. What are the major differences between practical and psychological studies?
  3. Describe the best methods of enhancing memory abilities.
  4. Explain emotional quotient and intellectual quotient.
  5. How can a child’s psychology be influenced by extended family?

Abnormal Psychology Topics

Here is a list of research ideas for those dealing with abnormal psychology issues:

  1. How antisocial tendencies influence behaviors in modern capitalism.
  2. What are the best methods for investigating sexism in the workplace?
  3. Explain the biggest factors that lead to teenage suicide.
  4. How does the Oedipus complex fit into the modern world?
  5. Should mothers be allowed to breastfeed children older than 3 years of age?

Controversial Psychology Topics

Here are more controversial issues on psychology for an extended research project:

  1. Explain what it means by evolutionary psychology in today’s world.
  2. What are some of the biggest issues related to childrearing?
  3. Explain how different cultures interpret the concept of evil.
  4. How does animal experimentation affect the researchers that are involved?
  5. Describe the psychology of socially just and diversity in terms o psychology.

Children Psychology Topics

This list of topics all deal with current child psychology issues:

  1. How is child behavior affected by single parents?
  2. How ethical is it to place children with anger issues in therapy?
  3. Should children be encouraged to participate in sports?
  4. What impact does Freud have in modern child psychology?
  5. Why is child psychology so important in the era of social media?

Topics in Cognitive Psychology

Great topics related to the area of cognitive psychology for college students:

  1. How does a person’s environment affect his or her cognitive development?
  2. What challenges prevalent for children experiencing emotional turmoil?
  3. How do adolescents benefit from positive mentorship by their community?
  4. How are people suffering from depression affected by their environment?
  5. What impact does seasonal affective disorder have on people during Covid-19?

Psychology Topics for Research Paper

Here is a list of psychology research paper topics on a variety of topics:

  1. Are signs of vulnerability indicators of a woman’s weakness in specific situations?
  2. Explain a method for treating victims of sexual abuse or assault.
  3. Should schools ban the early entry of toddlers?
  4. How can antisocial personality disorder be diagnosed in children younger than five?
  5. Are children with regular breakfast meals better prepared for school?

We specialize in creating great psychology dissertation topics for students at every level. We also have a great list of child development topics. Psychology debate topics are hard to come by, but we’re always ready to provide you with psychology topics that are up-to-date and push the limits in the field. Give us a call or contact us via chat. We’re quick to respond and will get our best to respond to your inquires.

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