Accommodation in College – How to Know Your Roommate


Accommodation in college entails living with a stranger. This style of accommodating students is common in most universities and colleges across the globe. It is universally accepted and practiced. Even if you are able to rent a full room for yourself, there will be other students in your hostel. So it is prudent to go with the flow. Regardless, you should expect to feel a bit uncomfortable when you meet your roommate for the first time. He or she will feel the same way too, and it is okay. After getting introduced, the toughest part will be learning to live with your roommate.
Luckily, college housing companies are currently doing their best to make decent roommate matchups. At acceptance time, they ask students to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire that requests their personal preferences. Then they use these answers to match up roommates. Sometimes their method works fairly good and other times not so well. In addition to what they do, there is abundant information you can read online. But after reading, there is one thing you cannot avoid. This is asking questions. So, what questions should you ask your new roommate?

1. Ask about their background
This includes their name, where they are from, and what course they are taking. By asking basic questions like these beforehand, you can open a dialogue between you. If you can manage to meet your roommate before you move in, do so and get to know their basics.
2. Ask about their schedule
As both of you will be busy with the school work, it is important to know each other’s schedule. If doing different courses, it might happen that one of you is studying for an exam while the other one is not. Knowing your roommate’s timetable will keep you from doing disturbing activities in the room when they want to study. And this will keep you two from getting on each other’s nerves.
3. Request to know how they feel about guests
Perhaps your roommate will be bringing friends over or you will be doing it. It’s good to know when he or she expects visitors so you can give them space. Likewise, they should also know when your beloved ones are coming over so they can find something else to do.
4. Ask them about their entertainment options
Perhaps your roommate listens to loud music in the morning or late at night and you don’t like either. It is good to establish this immediately to see if you could compromise. If you have different tastes concerning entertainment, then you might want to go to the library or any other room that is designated for studying.
5. Request about their level of neatness
It is possible to be matched up with someone who is so neat and organized while you are not. As well, you could be super organized while they are naturally laidback. If you don’t ask, don’t act all surprised when their sloppiness becomes a bother or when yours becomes annoying to them.
6. Ask about their conflict resolution tactics
People deal with anger in very unique ways. Some will confront you instantly and others will hide their feelings. It’s good to know how your roommate tackles their conflicts. This will help you to know how to approach them when they are angry.

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