50 Exceptional White Paper Topics and Ideas For You

white paper topics

White paper topics for college students require a little more research and logic than the other usual papers. Bearing in mind that a good college essay topic is like the bait of your narrative, we endeavor to help you come up with nothing but the best! In this post, we will show you how to firmly grip your audience to your essay by using an outstanding topic. So keep your eyes peeled as we journey through this fantastic white paper experience.

In most cases, tutors assign topics for their students. However, in this post, we are dealing with a situation where you have to generate your own white paper topic ideas. For you to achieve this, you will have to consult widely from reputable and credible information sources such as:

  • Your course textbooks
  • Publications such as journals
  • Documentaries
  • Newspapers
  • Archived library material

All these will enable you to come up with unique and original good white paper topics. Your topic style and formatting will also matter on the reception of your paper by the audience. The problem should be:

  • Manageable
  • Captivating
  • Impactful on the reader
  • Something you care about

Below are the top 50 topic ideas for a white paper presentation organized into five categories. If an idea rouses your interest, you can choose it and start your research:

Spectacular White Paper Topics in Testing

  1. What are the top features of a codeless test automation tool?
  2. Is the test tool flexible in supporting processes and procedures?
  3. How efficient is the test tool configurable?
  4. Can the testing tool allow multiple requirement formats?
  5. What is the difference between testing and QA concepts?
  6. Critical prerequisites for maximizing QA capabilities have a better testing strategy.
  7. How to handle a project that is running late or over-budget
  8. Steps to developing multiple testing strategies and approaches based on needs and type of development
  9. Is using different but specialized vendors for testing and development effective?
  10. Do the skills and experience of an organization affect the testing process?

Top White Paper Topics in Information Technology

  1. How modern desktops allow employees to work in a more productive, efficient, and secure way
  2. An evolved approach to modern cyber security threats and vulnerability
  3. Understanding how to make maximum use of the E-rate funding available to schools and libraries
  4. Does email encryption provide users with a critical layer of security?
  5. How data breaches impact organizations in reevaluating or creating incident response plans before disaster strikes
  6. Data breach: A critical review of the planning involved
  7. Demystifying artificial intelligence in information technology
  8. Stages to unlocking the value of Data and Artificial Intelligence
  9. The critical business transformation using technology
  10. Critical trends in computing platform buyer challenges and solving them using modern IT

Amazing Insurance White Paper Topics

  1. Prevention and protection tips for businesses and homeowners against water damage
  2. Understanding the rules of policyholder engagement in insurance
  3. How to structure a multinational insurance product for the middle markets
  4. Reviewing cyber insurance market trends in 2020
  5. How to confront third-party cyber risk in the supply chain
  6. Trends in white paper insurance: A critical review
  7. Is digital disrupting insurance? An argumentative approach
  8. How adequate is cyber insurance in insuring the uninsurable?
  9. What is the future of white paper insurance?
  10. Guide to automated insurance business processes

Critical White Paper Topics in Health Care

  1. Steps in improving behavioral health care in the emergency department
  2. How hospitals can achieve sustainable innovation in an era of diverse uncertainty
  3. Is it possible for health care systems to recover lost revenue?
  4. Improving data quality, transparency, and accessibility in health care systems
  5. How to standardize health care for higher quality and revenues
  6. The process of tracking and sharing performance insights in health care
  7. The method of improving data-driven insights for value-based care
  8. Steps to capturing crucial social determinant of health data
  9. How to choose a population health management solution
  10. New data-driven approaches in healthcare

White Paper Topics on Software Testing

  1. Why software developers should team up with certified software testers
  2. What a software testing manager requires in an employee
  3. Available software testing career paths for you
  4. Best practices in regards to non-functional testing
  5. Discuss the history of software testing and trends
  6. Best practices in software testing
  7. How to build effective test automation strategies
  8. Importance of performance testing
  9. Impact of software testing in enterprises
  10. Top challenges in test automation

Choose from any of the easy white paper topics above to narrow your search and come up with a topnotch essay today.

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