10 Activities After School: Tips and Ideas


Students of all ages are kept quite busy while school is in session. In fact, school can be very stressful for most people. But when the bell rings, school stops and students suddenly get a couple hours of free time. Not to mention the fact that there is no school on weekends.

This is why you are probably interested in finding some interesting and engaging activities after school. It is your free time after all, and you surely want to have fun and detach from your school chores. Let’s start by learning why after school activities are important for students of all ages.

Why After School Activities Are Important: A Couple Reasons

If you are a student, you may want to better yourself in your free time or may simply wish to enjoy a good time. Or perhaps you are a parent looking to put his children’s free time to good use. In either case, here is how after school activities help students:

  • They develop the student’s personality
  • They help students detach from school
  • Some activities after school programs help students stay fit and healthy
  • People can relax and start the new school day fresh
  • Many activities boost academic performance
  • Students can become better team players
  • Activities improve quality of life and social skills

Now that you’ve seen just some of the reasons why after school activities are important, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting activities.

Physical Activities

Students can not only enjoy their free time but also help the community by volunteering. You can become a volunteer at your local church, volunteer to walk dogs (especially if you are a dog person), or even volunteer to clean the park. Of course, you will make a lot of new friends during your volunteering sessions (which are great activities after school by the way).

Walking and jogging are physical activities that have been demonstrated to make people feel good. On top of this, you also keep your weight in check. Who doesn’t want to look good, right?

One of the most interesting activities after school programs for students is dancing, of course. You can join a dancing club and spend a couple hours every day or every two days there. Dancing is fun and relieves stress.

Mental Activities

Of course, mental activities are equally important as physical activities. The first thing that comes to mind is chess. Playing chess is relaxing and helps students with their logic and planning. Smart is the new sexy, after all.

Do your homework. You didn’t expect us to include this in our activities after school list, did you? Yet you may find that doing your homework can be relaxing, especially if you don’t have any tight deadlines. Work on what you love and do a great job at it!

Go to the library. There you will find peace and quiet – and tons of interesting books to read. Spending one or two hours at the library each day will surely relax you. And you develop your mind at the same time, which is a great added benefit.

Team Sports

When it comes to team sports, there are plenty of after school activities ideas to choose from. For example, you can play football of course. This contact sport is not for everyone though, so we have three other ideas for you.

You can try baseball. It’s a very fun team game that will keep you fit and lean. You may even start to like it and become quite a celebrity; who knows?

Volleyball is another great idea if you are looking for a sport that is not as rough as football. It can be played almost anywhere there is a volleyball net. And don’t worry; it’s pretty demanding so you will do a lot of cardiovascular activity playing volleyball.

Water polo may be a dream come true for you if you love water. With water polo, you can play a team sport and also have fun in the water. And running through water will burn quite a few calories each match.

Tips and Ideas for Students

You can pick any activity you like from the after school activities list above. However, make sure you enjoy the activity you pick. It is very important to have fun and enjoy yourself because the main purpose of after school activities is to help you relax. Many of the activity ideas presented above have many health benefits as well. And some activities – like volunteering for example – will help others in your community. Who says you can’t have fun helping others? If you want to make an even greater impact, why not volunteer at your local elderly assistance organization? And one of the most important tips you can get is to use every activity to expand your social life. Make new friends and enjoy every hour of free time. You may not get many opportunities to do so later on in life.

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