Being a Freshman in College: Advice, Warning and Tips

college freshman

Being a freshman in college can be a very interesting experience. In fact, most students are absolutely terrified at the idea of being a freshman. However, why are you so afraid of? You have worked hard and submitted dozens of school admissions. You got in because of your awesome college application. Even though you are called a freshman, you are certainly as good as everybody else in your school. This is why you have nothing to worry about. And don’t hesitate to apply for a scholarship even if you are a freshman. In fact, let’s discuss about freshman in college scholarships right now and how to write perfect essays to get there.

Becoming a Freshman in College Scholarships

So, you are a freshman at the college of your dreams. Congratulations! Four years of pure fun and exciting activities await you. However, you need money for most of these activities. And the college tuition fee is not cheap either. You need clothes, shoes, personal hygiene items, food, drink, etc. This is exactly why you want to apply for a scholarship. Freshman in college scholarships help students who are struggling financially. If you were admitted with a high score, you are more than likely to get financial aid from the school. So why would you not apply for this help? High school students are terrified of their first few weeks of college. However, being a freshman has nothing to do with your ability to learn and get a scholarship. This is why we are strongly advising you to work on your application starting today!

The Best Freshman in College Advice

When you first arrive at the college, you may not even know where your classes are being held. You won’t know anything about campus life. You won’t have any friends and the label “freshman” surely will not sound too encouraging. However, follow our simple advice and you will make yourself at home in no time:

  • Attend all orientation classes. Remember, you know nothing about the place, so you need guidance.
  • Be sociable, warm and friendly, and do your best to know your roommates and classmates. This is the best way to make friends.
  • Find the best place to study. The dorm may not be the best place because of all the interference from other students.
  • Familiarize yourself with course requirements and with your new professors.
  • You are a freshman at college, so get involved on as many campus activities as you can.
  • Look for a fraternity or a sorority that you like and try to get in as fast as possible. This is perhaps the best freshman in college advice you can get.
  • Be a responsible student and do not bother other students with your actions. Learn to respect others and they will respect you as well.

Things to Avoid in College

You’ve probably seen a lot of things on the news regarding college freshmen. Fraternities and sororities may look scary to you. However, the problems you see in the news are very rare. Truth be told, fraternities and sororities are there to help you fit in and spend time with likeminded students. These are the places that will help you feel at home on campus. Being a freshman in college can be a very exciting time. However, make sure you avoid doing any of these things:

  • Avoid alcohol abuse at all costs. Yes, drinking in college is common. However, having a beer is one thing; passing out drunk on campus is another.
  • Avoid doing illegal activities to obtain some pocket money. You can apply for scholarships for college if you need extra money.
  • Do not start fights with fellow students and do not act like you own the place. This may get you expelled in no time.
  • Avoid partying all night when you have a test the following day. Also, remember that you are in college to learn, not have fun all day.

Being a freshman at college comes with responsibilities as well, don’t forget. Again, a fraternity or a sorority can lead you in the right direction.

Are Fraternities or Sororities a Good Choice?

We all saw many movies where fraternities and sororities were demonized. We have all heard about initiations and other nasty things that happen inside a fraternity or a sorority. However, know that most of these organizations are ethic, fair and completely legal. They are a great place for you to be in. They will help you make friends and engage in a lot of interesting activities. Being part of a fraternity or a sorority is one of the best parts of college life.

Five Extra Freshman in College Tips

Here are some freshman in college tips that will help you feel like at home on campus in the shortest time possible:

  • Value the people you meet in college and keep in mind that they may be your friends for life.
  • There is no shame in calling your parents from time to time if you miss them.
  • Try to learn very different thing and learn to love classes. You are there to learn after all!
  • Never forget about your dreams and why you applied to that college in the first place.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption. Many students are addicted to alcohol, even though they claim to only be party animals. Alcoholism is the downfall of a good student, so avoid it at all costs.

As you can see, there is nothing scary about being a freshman in college. In fact, freshman year is one of the most beautiful school years in most cases. You can have a lot of fun and party as much as you like, but never forget that classes and grades are the most important things in college.

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