Analyzing the Impact of Technology on Education: the Positive and the Negative

impact of technology on education

Nowadays, technology is everywhere, even in our schools. This is why dozens of studies have been conducted to assess the impact of technology on education. There is a very hot debate going on and people don’t seem to agree whether technology is good or bad. Do we really need it? Is it harmful to students? Let’s take a closer look at the impact of technology on education in the 21st century and see how technology is both good and bad at the same time. And if you’re struggling to write an essay on this topic, you can always find help.

Types of Technologies Used in Education

When we consider the impact of technology in education, we need to look at how it is integrated into the school system and how it influences the learning process. Truth be told, both students and professors are using technology extensively. For instance, teachers are using laptops, projectors, and the Internet to hold their classes nowadays. In addition, there are online courses, online tests, and even entire online classes. Not to mention the fact that one can get a certification on the Internet without ever setting foot in a classroom.

Students, on the other hands, are using their laptops, smartphones and tablets to access information. Truth be told, the Internet is huge; and it is getting bigger by the minute. One can find information on virtually any subject online. It looks like the impact of technology on education can only be a positive one. Right? Wrong! With technology and ease of access come new problems and dangers. The Internet is not a safe place. And the smartphones and tablets used by college students and teachers are far from being safe either.

The Positive Impact of Technology on Education

First, let’s start by looking at the positive impact of technology on education. You have probably heard people saying that without technology there would be no future, or that technology makes the learning process so much easier. To quote Freeman Dyson, “Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.” And indeed, technology has many positive things to offer to both students and teachers, such as:

  • Increased access to information
  • Better presentation of information
  • Students can get assignment help from academic writing companies (you can have your essays written for you by an expert writer in a matter of days or even hours)
  • Faster project collaboration
  • Increased collaboration between students in their free time
  • A wide variety of sources of information
  • Information storage and information sharing capabilities
  • Teaching aid for professors
  • A wide variety of methods of expressing one’s opinions
  • No more space and time constraints – students can access information from anywhere, at any hour
  • Interactive ways to present information to students

It seems the impact of technology on education is mostly positive. However, let’s not forget the negative aspects of the tech era.

The Negative Impact of Technology on Education

Let’s be honest, technology – while extremely helpful – has its downsides. Did you notice how most college students no longer leave their homes to go out with friends or to enjoy some outdoor activities at least once or twice each week? Did you notice that more and more students spend hour after hour on social media sites? Technology has replaced reality with a virtual reality. Instead of spending time with their peers and enjoying various outdoor activities, students nowadays are more concerned about how many likes and shares their new photo is getting on Facebook. And there are several other things that showcase the negative impact of technology on education:

  • Recent studies have shown that technology changes the way children think and act
  • Technology affects students on the emotional level (think about social media)
  • Students are no longer used to working to obtain information
  • Video games are eating up a lot of the students’ free time
  • Students are becoming overweight because they spend too much time in front of the computer
  • Your privacy is at serious risk
  • Fake news are everywhere

The Dangers of Technology for Students

College students are not aware that there are a lot of dangers when using technology. Not only are they wasting a lot of their time on mostly useless websites and games, they are also giving people access to their information and to their data. Hackers can use this information to cause serious harm to unsuspecting students. And the more professors use technology in the teaching process, the more they are putting themselves and their students at risk. The impact of technology in education should be controlled.

Bottom Line: Is Tech a Positive Influence on Education?

We consider that technology definitely brings many benefits to the learning process. Nowadays students have access to information from reliable sources online. They can find assistance with their school projects and can even get some help if they need a professional writer to work on their difficult essay. However, when measuring the impact of technology on education we must also remember the negative aspects. But the benefits outweigh the risks – or at least this is our opinion.

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