Homework on math – is there a way to deal with it

Homework on math - is there a way to deal with it

Math can be one of the most confusing subjects for students. It feels like you either get it or you don’t, and if you don’t get it, you’re just lost. If you can’t get your work completed in class and wind up with a pile of math homework to finish on your own time, it’s even more overwhelming – who do you turn to when you can’t work out the answer?

If you’re faced with a pile of homework on math and you’re wondering if there’s a way to deal with it, these suggestions might help you cope. Don’t let your math homework discourage you – these tips can give you the help you need to get a handle on your assignments and feel confident handing them in.

  1. Stick to the rules.

Math problems depend on a specific formula to solve them – so don’t spend too much time trying to figure out how to come up with a solution. Put the rules of the problem into practice and the answer should reveal itself. You’ll always be able to find these rules and formulas in the corresponding chapter of your textbook, or in sample problems. Use these as a guide while you work through your homework assignments.

  1. Get in the right headspace.

When working on math homework stresses you out, it will be difficult to tackle if you’re already feeling overwhelmed. Before you get started, spend some time doing something you enjoy to try and relax and calm your mind. You’ll be much more likely to get some productive work done if you’re starting from a good place instead of a panicky one.

  1. Take regular breaks.

You also need to make sure you’re not getting overwhelmed as you work. Set a timer and work only until the buzzer goes off – then give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a nutritious snack, take a walk outside, or watch some of your favorite show. Keep your breaks short enough that you don’t start procrastinating, but long enough that you can clear your mind a bit before you get back to work.

  1. Eliminate distractions.

Math requires concentration – so don’t try tackling your assignments unless you’ve prepared your study space. Tidy up a bit, grab a comfortable chair, and turn off the TV or radio. Some background music might help you focus, but play something without lyrics to ensure your mind doesn’t start to wander. Also, keep your phone on silent and out of reach while you’re actively working on your homework.

  1. Make a list.

If you’ve let your assignments pile up a bit, or if you have a series of problems that need to be tackled, take a look at them and see which ones will be easier and which will be harder. Then, determine a plan of attack to get them all done. Some people prefer to do the more difficult ones right away, but it can sometimes feel more productive to get all of the smaller problems done before moving on to the tougher ones.

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