Vietnam War Essay Writing Guide

vietnam war essay

If you’re a college student with social studies as a subject, you will no doubt have covered the horrors of both world wars. The 2001 movie Pearl Harbor, popular though it was, was filled with inaccuracies surrounding the United States  naval base in Hawaii and could never even begin to describe the true horrors of the unexpected attack by the Japanese  on December 7, 1941. Each war has its own unique events, an an essay about Vietnam is no exception. You will be sure to have to write a Vietnam war 1965 to 1975 essay. The consequences of it are still affecting Americans to this day, with many war veterans still being alive. It means that some students may even have a personal interest in the war – they’ve got family links to somebody who fought in it.  What do these family members say about the war? Maybe a Was the Vietnam war justified essay could garner in some interesting remarks from these people that you could include in your essay.

Argumentative or Persuasive College Essay?

Will you write an argumentative- or persuasive essay about Vietnam? An argumentative essay can be tricky because it requires you having good working knowledge of both sides of a debate. With a persuasive essay on this controversial topic you will need to provide solid evidence to support your claims.

When writing a persuasive essay, the important aspect will be to prove your thesis and back up your claims. You will be mentioning the many American’s opposition to the war which caused a bitter divide between them all and how you feel about it. It was a long, costly war with more than 58,000 Americans being killed.

Information about Vietnam War Essay Online and in Books

Before you start writing your Vietnam war essay, think about how your paper will look. These tips can help you actually make that start which you may dread. Once you start, the worst part is over. There is unlimited information available online and in books.  The important thing is to collect a lot of information, arrange it and get your task completed on time.

  • Aim to find good, ‘want-to-read-further’ Vietnam war essay topics, and plan to write a good thesis statement. It is important that your Vietnam War paper sticks to the topic you have chosen.
  • Don’t delay. Once you’ve received your Vietnam war essay topics,  start doing online research and check out good books on the topic.
  • Write the outline of the essay. Each section should contain specific ideas unique to the different sections of the essay.
  • There is the important  introduction with the thesis statement which  defines what your topic is essentially about. After the introduction will be the  main body.  The number of paragraphs in the main body will be determined by how long your essay needs to be.  After the main body is the conclusion.
  • The Vietnam War is a deep, complex topic, so instead of writing a general essay on Vietnam war, narrow it down to one aspect of the war that you consider interesting. What about the Naplan Strikes? Rubber was in short supply and chemists developed  Naplan as a replacement, becoming a modern, inhuman weapon. This topic alone, and the way the Naplan caused carbon monoxide to burn and wipe people out. The topic will offer enthralling information for an essay. It’s an horrific part, so make sure you are realistic and objective and you don’t try to ‘soften’ the events.
  • Add well researched information from credible sources to these sections. You’ll need to make sure all data is cited and referenced and that your writing flows easily from one section into the next.
  • Try and avoid too much politics in your essay. This is because there are many complicated factors that led to this war, and as a student you may not have enough knowledge to analyze them. Not only that, there are so many things about the Vietnam war which are still unclear to this day.

The Conclusion  –  Summarize your Points

The conclusion of your essay should tackle all the questions you asked in the body of the essay. The conclusion gives you final say and allows your readers to appreciate your views. It will spur  them on to want to fnd out more truths on the topic. You want to wrap up by writing about why the information in your essay matters and how it can convince your readers to appreciate your ideas.

With a Why US lost Vietnam war essay, you can be sure that such a controversial issue is going to make for a good read. Your tutor may well have different views to you. It is worth understanding in class where the thoughts of your tutor lie. You can then adapt your writing somewhat to suit to encourage your tutor  to ponder ‘great minds think alike’ and to remember you as a student who knows their stuff. You certainly don’t want to change your views to suit your tutor’s stance, but this knowledge can simply help you ‘adapt’ your essay. It’s just a small tip but useful, and every little bit of useful information you can get will hurtle you towards reaching for the star in terms of exceptional grades.

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