Writing the American Dream Essay: Info, Ideas, Topics, Best Practices

Essay on Amerian Dream

Did you receive an interesting new assignment at school? Something about the American dream? Of perhaps you are interested in writing a paper on this subject on your own. In any case, writing an American dream essay is a very good idea. This subject has plenty of interesting topics you can talk about. Also, your teacher and classmates can be easily impressed because there are a lot of things you can talk about in-depth.

In your American dream essay, you can even talk about why this national ethos may not be real anymore. Yes, you can be against the idea that everyone in America has full freedom and an opportunity for prosperity. However, to make sure you write the best American dream essay possible, be sure to read this article to the end. You will find a lot of useful information, as well as the basic steps you need to take to write such an essay quickly and painlessly.

Why an American Dream Essay?

Most students don’t even think about writing an essay about American dream. This is one of the first reasons why you would want to write one yourself. Why? Because even though the topic is not quite simple, you can impress your professor. When you write an essay about American dream, you immediately make your work more interesting. And if you find a captivating topic, something that is of interest today, you are almost guaranteed a top grade.

Remember that professors are tired of reading the same old boring essays written on the same old boring topics. Why don’t you stand out from the crowd and write an interesting essay about American dream?

Essay About American Dream: Importance of the Topic

Of course, simply deciding to write a paper on this subject is not enough. You need to find a good topic for your essay on the American dream. We know, catchy topics are not easy to come by. You will need to do some brainstorming. As a tip, you can find a lot of interesting things to talk about if you read the news or search online to find success stories of people who came to America to live this utopic American dream.

Of course, you can find more than enough data and stories that show that the American dream is no longer real in the United States. If you are feeling bold and really want to impress, you can write an essay titled “My American Dream Essay.”

Interesting Ideas for an Essay on the American Dream

Once you find a good topic for your essay on the American dream, it’s a good idea to find the most important things to talk about. Don’t be like everyone else and simply describe what this concept is. And it’s usually futile to describe how immigrants came to America 50 years ago to live the American dream. You want to talk about present things; about things that are happening now and that are of interest at this moment.

For example, you can talk how this concept has changed in meaning with passing generations. Or you can talk about whether or not you can live the American dream right now. A rather difficult task would be to write about the prejudices that ruined this concept and about the possibility to revive the American dream. The more complex the talking points, the more bonus points you get on your paper.

Basic Steps to Write an American Dream Argumentative Essay

Now that you know what is the American dream essay, it’s time to see how you write one quickly. We asked our most experienced academic writers to come up with a quick guide, and here is what they came up with:

  1. Find the best topic possible, and make sure it’s of interest at present time. We discussed this earlier. Hint: don’t talk about the definition of American dream.
  2. Research the topic and make notes of the most important ideas and data. Then come up with a breathtaking thesis statement. What do you wish to demonstrate in your essay? The answer to this question is your thesis statement.
  3. Use the five paragraph essay structure to write the paper. An American dream argumentative essay can be written in just five paragraphs, yes!
  4. Write three body paragraphs, each one discussing a single very important idea. Yes, start with the body paragraphs.
  5. Write the introduction after you’ve written the body of the essay. Why? Because you already know exactly what you wrote. Crafting a strong intro is simple at this point; but don’t forget to include the thesis statement.
  6. Write the conclusion which summarizes everything up and includes a call to action, if necessary.

If you don’t have time to complete the essay yourself, or if you think the process of writing it is too tedious, you can get some help online. Keep in mind that our experienced academic writers can write an American dream essay for you in less than 24 hours if necessary. But whatever you do, don’t risk a low grade!

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